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Education, Leadership, and Parenting in an Age of Complexity


What does it take to thrive in an increasingly complex society?

Businesses do better when they measure success not only by profit, but by the growth and development of people and the improvement of the planet.

Similarly, young people do better when they are measured not only by grades and test scores, but by their positive growth and development.

Created by Dr. Price-Mitchell, The Compass Advantage™ is a research-based framework for understanding human development through the lifespan. It's eight core abilities are critical to youth and adult thriving.

Marilyn is a developmental psychologist, researcher, writer, and speaker with a mission to develop the next generation of young leaders, innovators, and engaged citizens. Her unique knowledge, skills, and experience in business, nonprofit, and education provide especially helpful insights into the skills and abilities children need to succeed in the 21st century.

As a narrative researcher, Marilyn studies how human stories and experiences are linked to learning and meaning-making. Her research shows how caring relationships with adults and transformative learning experiences during adolescence foster the development of young people who engage in efforts to improve society.

Her book,Tomorrow's Change Makers: Reclaiming the Power of Citizenship for a New Generation (2015), draws from Marilyn's research with civically-engaged youth. It introduces The Compass Advantage™ framework to help families, schools, and communities understand and impact eight core abilities that matter most to how children thrive in an age of complexity.

Marilyn works with communities and organizations in the U.S. and abroad whose focus includes education, service-learning, and positive youth development. Her articles in the field of child and adolescent development, education, and family-school-community partnerships have been widely published.


Efforts to impact social change, including reimagining education, advancing child development, alleviating poverty and homelessness, improving healthcare, and preserving the environment, require human and institutional partnerships to educate and develop a new generation of leaders. They call for nonlinear thinking, flexibility, and adaptability. They entail, as psychologist Jerome Bruner said, "figuring out how to use what you already know in order to go beyond what you already think."

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Roots of Action website


Marilyn's popular blog, Roots of Action, is written for K-12 parents, teachers, and mentors who influence the foundations of leadership, compassion, and lifelong learning in young people. 


Marilyn co-founded the nonprofit National ParentNet Association in 1996, building collaborative family-school-community partnerships through it's ParentNet® program. In 2014, the organization changed it's name to the Washington State Family and Community Engagement Trust and provides a range of services to Washington schools.


Marilyn is the author of Tomorrow's Change Makers: Reclaiming the Power of Citizenship for a New Generation. As a freelance writer, she also communicates research to popular and academic audiences. Her regular column at Psychology Today intersects the fields of education, youth civic engagement, parenting, and adolescent development. She also writes for Edutopia, a website sponored by the George Lucas Educational Foundation.

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Marilyn is an engaging speaker whose topics include positive youth development, youth civic engagement, and building family-school-community partnerships. Learn more.


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