Marilyn excels at communicating multi-disciplinary research into everyday language for a variety of audiences. She blends personal stories, provocative questions, metaphors, and cutting-edge research to engage and inspire.

The following topics can stand alone as keynote presentations or be combined with participant discussion sessions.

Positive Youth Development (See Internal Compass)

Youth Civic Engagement

Family-School Community Partnerships

Watch a 50-minute keynote from the Bainbridge Island Healthy Youth Summit:


Interested in Community-Lead Events that contribute to developing healthy youth? Watch this 30-minute video co-facilitated by Marilyn for the Bainbridge Island Healthy Youth Summit 2014. The conversation is truly inspiring!

Watch a 7-minute clip of keynote at the 2012 Boys & Girls Club Conference:


Watch a 5-minute clip of keynote at the 37th Annual Head Start Conference.




Seattle KONG TV

Marilyn talks with Allen Schauffler, Seattle news anchor, about parent engagement in schools.


Marilyn's presentation at the 2012 National Conference on Volunteering and Service was a huge hit! Her research and thinking inspires us to dive more deeply into the important work of engaging youth in our communities."

Amy Smith, President, Points of Light Action Networks, Atlanta, GA.


"Marilyn's keynote on youth civic engagement at the 2012 National Boys & Girls Club Conference was inspiring.Her insight has allowed our organization to enhance our services from general volunteer engagement to youth-centered civic action where kids develop pride and a true sense of belonging in their communities."

Lisa Hunter, Executive Director, Boys & Girls Club, Albany, NY


"Marilyn is an excellent writer and wonderful speaker. Her research will be of interest to every teacher, parent, and counselor who hopes to inspire citizenship and positive development in young people.She is a leader in this burgeoning field."

Judith Stevens-Long, Ph.D., Professor of Human & Organization Development, Fielding Graduate University


"Marilyn weaves her gift for storytelling and her strength as a researcher to create a compelling and motivating speech. Her love and passion for her topic inspires me deeply. Her grace and authenticity are present whether one-to-one or in public speaking."

Jennifer Waldron, Ph.D., Communications Coach







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