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Marilyn has written hundreds of articles for a variety of publications and organizations, from popular to academic audiences. Read her articles for parents, teachers, and youth mentors at Roots of Action, a website focused on growing supportive families, innovative workers, engaged citizens, and ethical leaders in the Digital Age. Read her column on adolescent development at Psychology Today, a collection of articles that intersect the fields of education, youth civic engagement, and parenting. Read her articles for educators at Edutopia, a leading education website sponsored by the George Lucus Education Foundation.

Sample Work

In addition to the articles above, you may also be interested in some of Marilyn's articles published elsewhere.


Enhancing Family-School Partnerships in the Digital Age -- Published by Amplify Education Inc.

How to Revitalize Your School-Parent Compact -- Published by Washington State Family and Community Engagement Trust.


Increasing Capacity to Engage Youth & Family Volunteers: Ready-Set-Go Resource Guide -- Published by GenerationOn, New York, NY, 2012, pp 5-7.

How Youth Become Passionate About Giving, published by VolunteerSpot

Prescription for Summer Doldrums? Volunteering! -- Published by


Change a Child's Life: Be a Role Model -- Published in the book, Inspiring Hope: One Story at a Time.

What Dads Need to Know: Helping Kids Learn from Mistakes -- Published by FamilyMan

Ask the Expert: Help! My 15-year-old Is Wasting His Summer -- Published by Your Teen Magazine


Price-Mitchell, M. (2015). The quiet advocate behind thriving youth. Peer Bulletin (247), 22-16.

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Price-Mitchell, M. (2010). Civic learning at the edge: Transformative stories of highly engaged youth, Fielding Graduate University.

Price-Mitchell, M. (2009). Boundary dynamics: Implications for building parent-school partnerships. The School Community Journal, 19(2).

"While family engagement is a mandate of U.S. education reform, most school principals have been slow to adopt attitudes and behaviors that transcend a system originally designed to keep parents outside of the learning and policy-making process. But the digital age is forcing schools to change—to break down barriers between home and school."

From Enhancing Family-School Partnerships in the Digital Age, by Marilyn Price-Mitchell PhD. Published by Amplify Education Inc.

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